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Ezelle Apartments - Let Your Lifestyle Grow Ezelle Apartments - Let Your Lifestyle Grow


Ezelle was our first project for the developer, Ram Realty Advisors, and their property management team at Bozzuto. What started with facilitating a multidisciplinary place branding charrette with all project co-creators culminated in the formation of a novel name, comprehensive place brand, creative campaign, marketing materials, and social media marketing services.

Ezelle Apartments - Let Your Lifestyle Grow Place Branding by Prismatic

place branding and visuals

The name Ezelle was inspired by the deep legacy of the area’s citrus-growing families and the fresh zeal for the identity of the Orlando–Four Corners area as an exciting “live like you’re on vacation” destination. The logo features an abstract citrus slice detail that represents the segments of residents’ lives, with all pieces coming together to create a unified whole. The campaign’s tagline celebrates the promise of the divergent lifestyle pursuits of the local area and the citrus grove lineage of the site.

Ezelle Apartments - Place Branding and Website Design by Prismatic
Ezelle Apartments - Stationery Set by Prismatic

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Ezelle Apartments - Business Cards by Prismatic

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Ezelle Apartments - Fence Screen Signage by Prismatic

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