Christine Dupont - Senior Visual Designer

Christine Dupont

Visual Design Director

Christine Dupont, Visual Design Director┬áhas a sweet tooth for print design and loves to sink her teeth into a juicy branding project. As a visual storyteller, Christine believes that every brand has a story to tell and she enjoys the process of crafting a creative strategy to help bring that brand to life through strong, conceptual work. She feeds off of team collaboration involving digital and print projects as well as video — and holds a degree in film production to boot. Her extensive menu of design projects past and present includes a sumptuous, award-winning portfolio of work that spans over 15 years.

Being a mentor is something Christine is also very passionate about. Since 2010, she has served as an Adjunct Graphics Instructor at Valencia College, one of the top community colleges in the nation. Through teaching a variety of courses, she has learned the importance of catering to different learning styles in order to motivate and inspire future generations of talented designers.

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