Sarah Seeds – Social Media Manager and Producer

Sarah Seeds

Social Media Manager + Producer

Sarah Seeds, our Social Media Manager and Producer, brings the savvy to social by curating content for our clients that resonates. She is a big picture thinker with a big heart for making a positive, lasting impact on behalf of our clients and our community.

Prior to pursuing a marketing career, Sarah worked in the entertainment industry for many years. Today, the skills she honed in the theatre for communicating complex ideas in a creative way take center stage. Sarah is most proud of the creative projects she has been able to work on as a volunteer or community partner, and is also a UNOS Ambassador. Finding ways to leverage her talents for the betterment of others is a top priority.

Sarah also holds a CNHP in Natural Health and Wellness and spent many years in the soap and skincare industry. She has maintained a plant-based lifestyle over 20 years, is a self-professed foodie, and loves to develop and share her favorite vegan and vegetarian recipes.

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Sarah's dog Ginger dressed in a sweater
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