Susan Campos - Director of Operations

Susan Campos

Director of Client Journey + Discovery

Susan Campos joined Prismatic in 2007 to manage accounting. Within a week, we learned that she brought more than numbers to the table. As Director of Client Journey and Discovery, Susan is the “go to” for just about any question you could possibly think of. She works with our clients from the earliest stages of their projects to capture essential foundational information to help ensure successful client journeys. Susan also geeks out on research projects. She loves using data to find insights that guide marketing strategies, and uses those same skills with client and stakeholder interviews. Clients marvel at her ability to mine for the gold nuggets that become 24K customer testimonials. Another facet of Susan’s research comes into play for place branding with the development of name concepts and engaging content for marketing collateral.

When not working on Prismatic projects, Susan likes to puzzle her way out of escape rooms and construct themed cakes for her two sons, which have included light sabers, the Death Star, trains and a replica of Eddie Van Halen’s famous “Frankenstrat” guitar. (She also “takes the cake” when subjecting all of us to eye-rolling puns and “Dad jokes” on any given day.)

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