John Cox - Prismatic Partner and VP of Digital Positioning

John Cox

VP of Digital Positioning

John Cox, Partner and VP of Digital Positioning, joined Prismatic in 2005 and has been a skillful driver of digital marketing strategies, steadily navigating the twist and turns of rapidly evolving algorithms and keeping clients ahead of the curve. Having managed the design and development of more than 100 websites and more than a million dollars in cumulative pay-per-click (PPC) advertising spend, you might say John is the “Mario Andretti” of omni-channel digital engagement and communication strategies. And, John keeps the high-octane digital marketing machine humming by overseeing SEO, analytics, multivariate testing, and conversion rate optimization. Whether it’s an organic or paid social media marketing campaign or a targeted email marketing initiative that needs to yield significant results, John’s expertise fuels winning strategies for clients who are in the race to win market share until the checkered flag is waved.

During his free time, you’ll find John playing with his rescue greyhound Bellini and basset hound Pukini, running a marathon (eight so far) or traveling to an exotic, IG-worthy locale with Karen, his bride of ten+ years.

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Prismatic team members are travel bugs!

Favorite sound: Getting his passport stamped

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Favorite songs: '80s pop music

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Favorite feature: His naturally curly hair (and snarky attitude)

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Favorite sidekicks: fur-babies, Pukini and Bellini

John and his wife out on one of their many IG-worthy travels...
Bellini and Pukini, John's high hound and low hound...
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