Rebrand of the most advanced microelectronics fabrication facility in the western hemisphere

BRIDG infographics by Prismatic Orlando marketing agency BRIDG infographics by Prismatic Orlando marketing agency


Originally known as ICAMR, the International Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing Research struggled to build brand equity globally within their industry, and at home, with regional stakeholders and the general public. ICAMR included words that alienated certain target customer segments while the obtuse value proposition rendered marketing efforts challenging.

The rebranding effort by Prismatic was fueled by extensive stakeholder interviews, competitive profiling, cross-disciplinary team brainstorms, industry research, and ultimately distilling their mission down to its most basic promise: they are connecting ideas with industry to spark tomorrow’s next nanotechnology innovations.

BRIDG, Bridging the Innovation Development Gap was born, and today success is measured with an ever-growing roster of national and international partners.

The new brand helps people immediately understand that we are focused on helping companies and individuals unleash their bold ideas through the development process.

Chester Kennedy

BRIDG Chief Executive Officer

BRIDG rebranding of ICAMR by Prismatic Orlando creative agency

BRIDG name conceptualization

From an acronym pronounced in a multitude ways, to a name that shares their promise and methodology

BRIDG brochure detail by Prismatic Orlando creative agency

legislative collateral

Targeted collateral developed for specific outreach and communication with elected officials and community stakeholders

BRIDG brand manifesto video

BRIDG website detail by Prismatic Orlando digital marketing agency