20in22: 20 years of Prismatic

by Stephanie Darden Bennett, President and Chief Creative Officer

20 years ago, Prismatic was born.

In 2002, Prismatic was launched as a branding and graphic design agency. Our first project: a mural inside of the Sandcastle Learning Center. Our second: point of sales displays and packaging for a local Sobik’s Subs franchisee. Our third: textbook cover designs and illustrations for Harcourt School Publishers.

Our team of two labored over a shared 56K dial-up connection. We rocked Zip discs and external hard drives. We jammed to playlists curated via Napster. We ate ramen noodles and PB&Js. We hustled hard. And we had fun.

Today, we’re a dedicated team of 12. Spotify is our music muse. We still hustle hard. And the spirit of fun is the undeniable ingredient in everything we do.

As we enter this year, we’re starting off the first week of 2022 with producing an energy company’s analyst day video, mobilizing the branding and marketing of a new 2,500-acre master planned community, and finalizing the new brand and website for the Florida High Tech Corridor.

Some say the rate of innovation is exponential. Looking back over our origin, the way our industry has evolved, and reflecting upon our current manifestation as a full service, national agency, exponential feels like an understatement.

And though so much has changed over these last two decades, here are the top 20 facets that will continue to propel us forward over the next 20 years of Prismatic, just as they did throughout our first 20 years.

  1. Creativity absent strategy is malpractice.
  2. “Give back” is not a phrase. It is who we are and how we use our talents for the greater good.
  3. Pride is the signature you leave on everything you touch.
  4. Never over-promise and under-deliver.
  5. Hire based upon an equal ratio of talent, capability, and personality. No one wants to work against a deadline with a talented egomaniac.
  6. Teamwork makes the dream work.
  7. Take time to celebrate the win. Take time to dissect the loss.
  8. Know the difference between an achievable deadline and a miracle. Charge more for miracles.
  9. Proper brainstorms are seldom politically correct and always include “AND.”
  10. Great coffee, Herman Miller chairs, impromptu team lunches just because, and a good music subscription are worth every penny.
  11. Never underestimate the business value of a personal vacation.
  12. Game-changing ideas can come from anyone and they rarely fit neatly within office hours.
  13. We are not producing widgets. And that is also why we cannot discount our services.
  14. Proposals are the most valuable tool in your marketing arsenal. The fact that you have been asked to create one means you have a decent shot at earning the business. Make. It. Count.
  15. Reputation is really what we are creating every day, in everything we do, in every success we achieve for our clients, and in every interaction we have with those around us.
  16. Successful strategies are based on facts, not guts.
  17. Never, ever, ever put a so-so concept in front of a client. Present only the best ones every time.
  18. Some of the most monumental and rewarding client relationships start with the smallest of assignments. No matter the size, knock it out of the ballpark.
  19. Producing great work is not enough to keep a client. They must also enjoy the journey.
  20. We built this company 100% on referrals. Happy, successful clients are the reason we are still here.

Thanks to our families, friends, teammates, partners, vendors, and, of course, our clients for this 20 years of Prismatic. It’s been a rewarding, fun adventure. Cheers to the next 20!

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