Project DTO - Advancing Downtown Orlando

a planning process becomes an award-winning, magnetic, pride-inducing community engagement activation


Project DTO – Advancing Downtown Orlando, was a comprehensive visioning process to formulate the next chapter of downtown Orlando’s evolution. As the project consultant responsible for creating and activating the public engagement and marketing strategies, our mission was to create meaningful ways for the community to contribute to the process and ultimately co-create the Vision Plan.

By forging a complex, high-touch strategy involving fun, unique opportunities for individuals to share their personal aspirations and experiences, we were successful in shaping a monumental citizen-led visioning process for downtown Orlando. Over the course of the 8-month public engagement phase, we succeeded in engaging more than 6,600 Orlandoans who contributed ideas and feedback that ultimately forged the Vision Plan.


City of Orlando Downtown Development Board


Downtown Orlando, FL

Project Team

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marketing booklet

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