Hannah Persson - Prismatic Visual Designer

Hannah Persson

Visual Designer

Hannah Persson, Visual Designer is a recent graduate from the University of Central Florida and our resident ray of sunshine. Whether it’s motion graphics, illustration, painting or creating graphics for the web or social media, Hannah shines bright when she gets into her creative groove. She keeps her sunny disposition by listening to music on her airpods and dancing like nobody’s watching. Originally from West Palm Beach, Florida, Hannah aspires to travel the world, loves taking long road trips and hitting all of the late night diners along the way. (How she keeps her petite figure despite all those cheeseburgers and fries is a mystery.)

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Prismatic team members are foodies!

Favorite sweet treat: Warm chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream

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Favorite band: The Glass Animals

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Favorite evening out with friends: Sak Improv Comedy Lab

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