Georgieanna Williams - Senior Visual Designer

Georgieanna Williams

Senior Visual Designer

Georgieanna Williams, Senior Visual Designer (we call her “G”) truly is a visual design powerhouse, bringing high energy digital and visual design services to illuminate our marketing, advertising, and communication projects. When it comes to branding, print design, and digital media based projects, G’s creative wizardry brings the magic and the fun. As a 10+ year design veteran in the Orlando community who has applied her talents to all facets of media, she approaches each design challenge as a brand champion and is a master at pursuing the most compelling, believable and ideal solutions for our clients.

To keep the creative juices flowing, G can usually be spotted perusing through bins at comic book and record stores during weekend adventures with her family. She also serves as the Executive Director of an accredited 501(c)3 cosplay organization focused around inspiring, supporting, and motivating children with diagnoses and their families.

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Mother of Dragons to her Son + Stars (two bonus children)

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Pet Mom to Freyja Underfoot, Australian Kelpie

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Owns an absurd amount of Funko pops and assorted nerdery

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Currently can't get enough of: Crooked Media + Scorecore

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Georgieanna (Georgia Fett) and her bounty on Dapper Day...
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