Babette Board - Bookkeeper

Babette Board

Accounting Manager

Babette Board is Prismatic’s accounting manager with more than two decades of experience. Shh, don’t tell her but, Babs’ mad bookkeeping, organization, and planning skills are what make her a “keeper.” Truth be told, her innate ability to keep track of all of our projects down to the penny and her finesse in coordinating with the team to ensure that our billing and reports are impeccable leave us in awe. And get this, she even develops customized billing solutions when our clients need a specific invoice format or schedule to comply with their internal processes. 

During her free time, you can find Babs on the golf course perfecting her swing, at the beach working on her tan or rocking out to live music. Fun fact: As an aspiring young entrepreneur at the tender age of 10, Babs went door to door selling American flags but her first “real” job was detasseling corn. Did you even know that detasseling corn was a “thing”? Yeah, neither did we.

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Favorite city: Nashville

Prismatic team members like to get screentime in!

Top 3 Movies: Bridesmaids, Steel Magnolias, Arthur

Prismatic team members are travel bugs!

Bucket List Travel Destinations: Visiting Niagara Falls, Alaska and Havasupai Falls

Babette gets some snuggles in with a sloth encounter...
Two of Babs' favorite things in one photo: Golf clubs and a beach view...
Babette enjoying a kayaking adventure while a manatee swims up close...